Chronology of Wang Ruowang



12/19/2001 past away in Elmhurst Hospital Center in New York

6/1995—Present: Chairman, China Democratic Party, New York

1993—Present: General Coordinator, China Democratic Movement Consolidation Meeting, LA

6/1989—8/1992: In Jail for 14 months (third times), for supporting students pro-democratic movement in China

1987              Expelled from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the second time and removed from his post, due to his criticism of the CCP for its autocracy as well as Deng Xiaoping’ s dictatorship

1979              CCP membership restored and put in the post of Editor in Chief of Shanghai literature Monthly.

1958—1962 In jail for four years, for expressing dissent on Mao Zedong’s dictatorship in China.

1957              Expelled from CCP and exiled to countryside to accept “reform through labor  

camp”, for my rightist political views.

1955—1957 Editor of the Shanghai Literature Monthly.

1953—1955 Deputy Party Chief and director of Shanghai Diesel Engine Works, Shanghai.

1949—1953 Deputy of Director of Cultural & Education Dept. of Shanghai Works Union, Shanghai

1948—1949 Director of Labor Protection Bureau, Shan Dong Province

1937—1948 Became a CCP member and Editor in Chief of Agriculture Daily Newspaper.

1934—1937 Was sentenced for 10 years in prison by Military Count of the National Party in Shanghai and was later released due to cooperation of CCP and national Party.

1933              Joined Communist Youth League and became an active member in Alliance of Leftist Writers.


Publication: There is Decency in this World; Wang Ruowang-An autobiography; The Flute of Evils; The Innocent Female Prisoner, which has been adapted to TV series by Shanghai TV Station and Beijing TV Station, Hungry Trilogy was translated from Chinese to English by Kyna Rubin, which was first book to expose the darkness of Chinese Prisons.