WHEN IS WANG RUO WANG COMING HOME?                      



          One day as I passed through the People's Square in Shanghai and saw a very large sign from a distance. Written on the sign was "develop social democracy and develop complete socialism". This sign was distinct and it stood out at the side of a big street. The sun was bright and while I was deep in thought, standing in the street, I don't know why, but I started to cry. I miss my husband, since he's still in jail. All around me were lots of people walking freely. They appear to be so free and without worry. I feel freedom is so precious.

          On June 25 our government authority permitted Fang Lizhe and his wife to go abroad for treatment of their disease and at that time it looked like a slice of hope that warmed my heart and since that day I have had some hope that my husband would be home soon. Lots of our friends called me from everywhere asking is Mr. Wang home. Each time I heard a knock on the door, or the phone rang, I just couldn't wait to open the door, to pick up the phone. I just hoped that the person in front of me would be Wang Ruo Wang. One day, two days, already passed. One week, two weeks, also passed. Finally, one month, two months had gone.  I still didn't see Mr. Wang coming home at that time.  My hope was growing increasingly distant and sorrow, so much sorrow, stayed within me. Since July, the temperature in Shanghai was so warm and lots of friends brought me some delicious watermelon. I always stored it; saved it for him so when he came home he could enjoy some. Even my old parents were unwilling to eat and enjoy it. They insisted on keeping it for Wong Ruo Wang. However, those nice large watermelons, one by one, spoiled and we were forced to eat spoiled watermelon each day. The watermelons, one by one, are gone and he still didn't come home. I'm glad that my country is trying to keep a closer relationship with the developed countries at this time.

          I want to express my concern for my husband in jail to the national media. I first met Wong Ruo Wang in 1967. I found out he is a combination of a philosopher and an innocent child. His mind is so like a philosopher and his innocence is frank and his laughing and curiosity also like and innocent child. Because of his background, he was not allowed to fall in love with anybody but in 1968, we still fell in love. At that particular time we couldn't express our love in a romantic manner in public. Most of the time I just listened to him reminisce his illustrious past. He sang a song of the 1930's when he was put in jail. The meaning of the song is that as a prisoner, you are a prisoner of the era not that you are a criminal. No matter how they torture you, no matter how heavy the iron gates, no matter how strong the iron wall, your body can be locked up but they cannot lock up your revolutionary spirit. No matter how spoiled the food, mosquitoes and fleas in jail, they make us skinny, but our bones are remaining.

          When he sang this song and walked toward victory, I didn't expect that after only a few months of being in love he would again be put in jail. At that time I didn't know how to deal with that and I just cried behind everyone. In my diary on March 28, 1963 I wrote "when you devote yourself to fight and help to establish this government and then this government puts you in jail, it’s just like the history of thirty years ago. I don't know where is the justice and I don't know when I can see you again and I don't even know if there is a possibility we can meet again. I hope and wish that the day will come  when you will reappear in my life again, I will be so lucky.” After we had been in love for twelve years, when he was released from jail we had already become middle-aged people. At that time we married, we valued our marriage because it was such a difficult feat to accomplish.

          During the 1980's we enjoyed a few years of happiness and I saw his hair become gray but his spirit never changed. He is a retired high rank officer. He actually could enjoy the rest of his life, just doing Tai Chi, but he didn't want to do that especially when Deng Xiao Ping started new reforms. He became more and more worried about his country and his people. No matter how hot the summer day or how cold the winter was he always sat at his desk and wrote and wrote. Sometimes at midnight I was awoken by the noise of him falling. I found out that he got so tired that he got so confused that he could not find entrance to the bathroom but when he woke, he sat up and started writing again. I asked him why you keep doing that, why you torture and risk your health and he looked at himself, and replied I am old, I don't have too much future, I am going to help Deng Xiao Ping to build a developed country.

         He is the kind of person who never asks how much he has gained but puts so much effort into doing what he wants to do. He never asks if he can be successful but he just puts in so much effort, never trying to relax. He is qualified to enjoy the government' s chauffeur service, he is 70-year-old man, but he rode his bicycle. He is such a thrifty person and selfless. No matter who, no matter when, if any person asks him for help, he's always considerate, he always helps without hesitation. Even if he will be at risk, he never refuses. He is a very reasonable person. He devotes his efforts to his country and to his people. He's willing to risk himself at any time and he would never let other people take a risk. For this reason and many other reasons, he is well respected by so many people in Shanghai.

          As a writer he wrote a few letters to the leaders of the Central Government with a different opinion. His letter was written in April and May of last year. We never expected that in July 1889 he would be put on house arrest and that on September 8 he would be incarcerated. For such a long past, we only lived together for 10 years. Again, I lost my husband. And now, eleven months have already passed and I couldn't even see him once. We cannot send a letter and we have no way to find out where he is. We sent some winter clothes but everything was returned by the authorities and I can only just cry alone. I cry for his tough life. Since the beginning of this year all of those renowned writers of his generation, such as Wu Qiang, Xu Xing Ye, were all in good health but both of them died, one right after the other. I also think about Mr. Hu Feng. He was released and became a very different person, almost like a vegetable after a long jail term. I feel sorry and a sense of anxiety at this time. Who can guarantee nothing bad will happen to my husband.

         At this time I just hope our government authority understands the character of Wong Ruo Wang. He is such a frank person, almost as though as you can see through him, transparent.  I just hope our government can forgive us and can let us reunite, release him to let him get medical treatment for his glaucoma and arrhythmia. I hope human rights policies by the government can apply to my husband and to all political prisoners. I believe this is the way we can have a peaceful society.


                                      September 6, 1990